The Table

a brand new Holy Day. The First Table.

About Tables.

a table is an important thing. So we don’t have to eat from our bellies, we have made special and specific objects at which we can all take place and share a meal.

To just offer your table, ain’t enough. You need to put in some effort, though this effort can be shared.. We could call it The First Dinner, if you want to.

The First Table

On the very first day of the year we gather. To share our food, to join at the table. To have our first dinner. An international Holy Day, commemorating the sages and saints of the past who all tried to explain not only the pathway to the heavens, they also set out to unite mankind as one family.

Finally a real active Table of Jesus, sharing of Muhammad, Temple of Krishna; in your very own home.

For you are setting out to create holy ground, rules will apply! 
- There shall be no slaughtering for your feast! 
well, that seems to be about it..

You may sing and dance Hare Hare Krishna, hare hare Ahntone and offer your prayers to the logic that creates all, that gives and gives, like you are giving too. There is no need for images, altars, candles, psalms and so on. Though who is holding you back from stacking trinkets anyway? Perhaps the useless application of labor in a world misguided and abused would, perhaps the misunderstanding of the teachings would, yet hey, it is up to you to "get it" and "get there". Lets start with a dinner and talk about it.

The happiness of the family is of importance. That family is whatever the organizer makes it to be.

Sweet little extra: you could keep on going with a table for a week! Or iterate with your friends, maybe keep it going for a year!

read more about it here

The Meta Trinity

providence, humanity, infinity

Three times Three…
brings peace and prosperity!

The Meta Trinity, or Triple Trinity:

Providence: Food, Housing, Education
Humanity: Unity, Equality, Freedom
Infinity: Form, Program, Full Function

The Meta Trinity is named like this because it holds three trinities! It is a guideline for the whole of humankind, bringing the human species to the next level of development.

One could say: heavenly guidelines to help eradicate suffering!

A wholesome handle to hold on to again. Enter the Meta Trinity, a baseline solution for a world in blindness, in one neat triangle. With basic needs covered and less and less fighting, even economically, People can all go to heaven.

Meta Trinity

1. Providence

food, shelter and education for all. Something that the cub has, in a loving family we have these elements, which allows us to see the whole world with an open eye instead of having to fight for any of these items, like animals must.

2. Humanity

unity, equality and freedom for all. The big revolutionists dream, which can only become when all humans have providence. Not fighting their brothers and sisters for food or housing and learning how to manage their energy, all will be united as one family, able to see that they are all equal, which will set many a very busy person free. Actually, with providence mankind can finally find freedom.

3. Infinity

Whilst often fighting for freedom, this is not necessary at all. Man has great form, lives in a vision built by their programming, say the holy spirit, and can master this programming to become the player number one in their world, just like the maker. In that case they also reach Infinity.

that’s all folks! Providence, Humanity, Infinity.

For those who would like think more about this, thinking is always possible. The mind, the animal mind, will always have something to ponder about. The advise is to focus your pondering, to measure or control your contemplation,

and use that to understand. The whole world is made from logic and light. the logic binds the light in clusters centered around positivity. The main frame that can see the world is the logic, which every being uses to connect to the world around them.

Focus on this logic. Park your vehicle and seek to find what the stationary motion brings.
The vehicle being you. See what is actually important and see love in all, Triple Trinity FTW!

way more writing about it here


Tiratisu and there shall be no evil

Enter the 1-2-3 tiratisu smallest stairway up, win the race for the hour of power with this able appless method for pulling oneself up out of the clay and get an almost magically brighter sight as if you’d have vaporwave filter glasses.

1. Be Calm. 2. Love All. 3. Give, Live.

Sounds simple? Calm is essential, park your car. Love all for all is growing like trees. Keep prana up!

Some rhythm would be nice. God gives the beat. Live with the sunlight. Take 3 minutes of focus each morning. When successful in not losing focus for 3 minutes 3 days in a row, add 3 minutes and repeat this until the hour of power is reached. Use this calm. See the world. There is no evil. There are adventurers and lost children. Let’s move on to the next level.

Say no evil for one week or go back to step 1. When good on that, hear no evil for a week, in nothing and no one.  It’s just visions. Don’t ignore! Learn to hear freely. Speak cleanly. When rolling well on this track, with a clean mouth and open ears, see the world has no evil. Love it all. When you love it all you are ready to live. Welcome out of the clay. You have tiratisued and see the light. In each action you will find giving, see and live, give and grow!

get your pdf here

Three minutes of focus each morning. It does not mean to sit and do nothing, it means to be still and hold your attention above everything else. Don’t lay down for you might fall asleep and to stay aware and awake yet undistracted is a hard thing. We use the breath, allow it go naturally, breathe with the belly, and just pay attention to what you feel of the breath near your nose. Simple. Three minutes of hard core focus.

Look up what you don’t understand!

There are of course endless other options:
Sit down and count to 100
Go to any institution that prays
Go to any gym and pray
Take any job and pray
Pray with your family
Pray like an eagle
upon that smile

Do not be mistaken, this is not about enlightenment. This is about understanding the programming of life, which might get you closer to being the big dreamer, God, the father of all, who has made this world out of light. Therefor you are made out of light and we have many people misunderstanding the lessons of Jesus, Muhammad, Gautama and many more sages before, all looking for that light somewhere far away of somehow thinking it is mystical, spiritual. It is, what you are, where you are and how you use it. May you find the programming inside of yourself, by hard work upon your own code, by carrying that weight, and ascending above the current function level of your being, a pass over onto heaven, starting with the malkut.

How does that work for all people who have to fight for their existence? For that we have the Triple Trinity, also known as Meta Trinity.

You can always give alms to many things yet we need leaders with grace, with awe for life so perhaps dedicate yourself to making all your employees or colleagues feel like family.

Holy Cake Bake

The road to heaven is like baking a cake

Going to heaven needs the kitchen to be clean, the dough to be rising high and the cake to be served. Yet we have to first develop our own string of batter to become a good cake. It is hard work, with a lot of care, and the trip to heaven is made, between all others, by oneself. Where the basic recipe is to make the dough rise up, every day, every life, which means to have good vibrations and to hold them up high. For this many people need to untangle their own batter from a lot of other strings. Whilst in the river of life, being pulled and pushed left and right, we end up entangling ourselves with many other strings of dough around us, some of which are quite sticky. Where good actions and decency allow one to swim free in this bakery, we then still need to pass through the oven and finish our bake. So to say, cross the river and climb the mountain. Once you know the bakery, where heaven lies in the middle of a threaded spinning ellipse, where the river is the forward motion of the wheel, where the mountain the hard road to the middle of the wheel, where in the center time is naught, you might wonder about all the other strings. Wondering we also do with our own string of batter. Whoa. Calm down and let’s look at some recipes.

First, we bake a full multiverse, a wholesome gleaming spinning collection of doughy strings that try to shake it up, by themselves, over and over again until they reach the center of the wheel. Sort of a magic donut, although it’s more of a super surprise egg. In this multiverse every string will have a view upon life, yet from it’s own perspective. Once we have understood the basics, we can create some instructions for the strings themselves, so they can become ultra plus awesome and reach the sweet center of that donut, hopefully a recipe fitting within their own capacity of seeing or understanding. We will make two of those. Right after we take a look at the kitchen:


Baking a multiverse

Ingredients: pure logic and light. 

Basic preparations: keep logic and light apart as the base mixture. Take a small part of it and twist the logic till the light gets tangled up. Extract attraction function from the tangling. Label it love. Insert into base mixture. Shake well until good vibrations appear. 

Step one: knead the good vibe mixture until strings are everywhere. Strings form because they stick to the good vibes using the love. The strings will develop a distance from each other and start to respond to these distances by either being dry or sticky. Keep kneading until a solid frame appears in the core. Extract reflective function that measured the goodness of the vibrations. Label it awareness and keep aside for now. 

Step two: pull the threads by putting them on a large spinning wheel (use the logic in the base mixture for this). Keep the light central, yet a bit to the top for extra swing. Spin the wheel round as slow as you can, preferably going round every two days, for the strings this will seem unbelievably fast. Shape the awareness function into a little person, like a gingerbread man. Make sure that all the parts are there for it to dance around and have fun. Sprinkle the awareness over the strings, at the top of the wheel.

When results are tasteless add some logic to sieve out the distasteful parts and clean the strings of their bitterness at the edge of the wheel. When done right this should give great expectations and even better results and keep spinning by itself for at least a hundred years, which for the strings seems like billions of years. 

To keep it all fresh, and have a bright shining core in the middle of this all, add some logic that flips the reflective function of the sagging strings to find the love in another way every split second. In this way the strings need to be full of love and light to stay fresh whilst the rest is either being cleaned or strung along the wheel anew.


Recipe for string awesomeness

(Simple recipe)

Now that we know that every string gets stretched, over and over again until holding such good vibes that it can shine by itself we can make a recipe for the strings.

Ingredients: Plenty of love, possibly in the form of family and friends yet even a company, orphanage or temple of brothers and sisters will do. A solid form, preferably a human body, as sprinkled from above, yet even the many animals and plants can have a go. It becomes a lot harder to read recipes when below the function level of humans though. Last but not least, hope or faith. Desire will do too, yet is harder to knead into high vibrations at the end of the process.

Basic preparations: freeze the dough. To be able to bake this string into sweet goodness, it needs to calm down and rest. The wild spinning wheel and all the strings around pull already so much that it is wise to first calm down all things  this pastry dough can take in or even let go of. Much like a souffle can lose its puff when suddenly moved about, giving all it’s steam to the world around, the dough needs to be handled carefully. Also too much pressure on the fresh dough could break the cake. This is best done by putting the batter in a calm place, where it learns to withstand the pressure from outside ánd inside from its own reflective state.

Step one. Make sure that the dough is firm, in its reflective state. If the logic and light are all tangled up, love can pull the whole thing apart. Keep calm and move forward, the dough is sure to rise. Practice staying calm daily to ensure good inflow and outflow of energy. A good method for this is to let the dough sit still and focus on the basic tune of the universe, which is best found in its own breathing. When the dough is able to stay in a happy form easily you are surely ready for some shaping.

Step two. Shaping the dough. The gingerbread human form is already a given yet perhaps it is filled with reflective state’s of entanglement of light and logic of past kneading. Revise the state by aligning it with a simple and pure outlook. Also the actual dough might be running out of shape so literally bending it along its inner core entanglement of logic and light might be a good idea. Practice both until the dough has a good shape. If happy vibes tend to leave the dough, either keep up step one during the process or maybe freeze the dough for a bit and just start over. The main ingredients are endless, so never give up!

Step three. First: shaping the gingerbread. These strings of batter do not exist by themselves, there is a whole river filled with strings around it. Now that the batter is calm and shaped well, it is a good moment to align it with the environment around it and make sure it doesn’t crumble. Parents or/and teachers are always there. Family is a good reflective value, yet when in the center of the pie of all strings, all is family, yet the strings of batter easily let themselves be pulled by their ingredients into other crazy cookies. Whenever it smells sugar or sees syrup, the well made gingerbread will want to dance. Not a problem yet we should really finish baking the bread first, or it might lose its shape. Getting this all sorted should be easier now that the batter is well shaped and able to remain calm under any circumstance. Basically the first part of this step is complete when the string does not use local entanglement, say senses, to judge, it understands from its pure vibe within. Second: baking the cake! Putting it out there can still be risky business, with so many wild strings around, pulling and pushing on our cake. To be able to be in contact with something yet not be influenced keeps the flavor pure. This might need as much work as step 1, where we just worked on the principle within the string itself, yet now we shall bake it instead of freezing it. Go very slowly, and take the most stable code out there to focus on, be it a rock or a tree, anything external that can influence the flavor will do. Slowly increase the heat until the crust is ready for the next step. 

Step four. First: Finishing the cake. Now that the layers are all set up we can get that well formed string of dough to reach the cherry on top. Because we are the string of dough ourselves, sometimes everything seems upside down and the same goes for this cherry. We need to place the central part of our attention on top of everything. Which, seen from the bakery, looks as if the string is moving towards the center of the wheel and seen from outside it looks as if one is making themselves small towards all the greatness of the world. In other words, divine alignment of the doughy string, by letting it be. Difficult between a wild set of strings yet with aplenty kneading and shaping, this should be alright. Second: serving the cake. Once the cake is finished, with it’s cherry on top and all the layers in order, it is time to shine. To allow oneself to follow the path of being divine, awesome, by default. This allows a person to gain incredible happiness continuously whilst aiding the world around to do so to. Everyone loves good cake.


Awe Central Recipe: Kalki Programming

Chef’s legacy. An ancient recipe for “bloatware free smartphone usage” that reaches the stars. Based on the original codex of creation, that got lost in the big books called yoga’s and many following captivating holy works.

Ingredients: use only the path of positive logic, formerly known as Dhamma.


1 clean thou parser, incoming and outgoing threads

2 clear thy frame, memory storages and overall maintenance

3 setup firewall and comm station

4 surf the world from within and make good waves outside


Tips from the chef: 

Keep an eye out for the results: The actual idea here is to get you out of this layer of the world. The best gingerbread forms are out of this world. Many people would see this recipe as a furthering of their current engagements, where the classmates, colleagues, family members and so on are all very important and we want to impress them all, yet this recipe is to bring you to the center of the wheel, the heavens where you are pure logic and light, without any weight or distraction, by yourself. Don’t forget, if you don’t change (back) the dough will not rise in this bake.

Kneading well: to become the player number one, the dreamer that makes the dream, one needs to follow all steps, in whatever order. Steps are there to unroot the layer of control, going full purple chakra or top circle kabala. To reach the state, means overclocking of the self, building a high positive conscious vibe that becomes the daily standard. To stay in this state one must keep connections clean towards weight. The reflection of self worth is often already heavily weighing down a person their actions, make the stack as small as possible, make yourself as small as you can towards the greatness in all.

Finishing touches: to become at ease with an endless flow around us and reach the cherry on the mountain top, keep at it. Daily practice, multiple times of keeping the dough limber and the ingredients pure. Weekly rhythm. Communal engagements purely for the good bake. Well threaded dough falls down from it’s rise less easily. Though as with all bakes, you will have to face the heat and try to pass through the last stage to actually get results, which is always, even when baking in the same oven together, a personal matter. To be able to withstand all other flavors and smells, pushes and pulls, ideas and feelings, one must push away everything for the crispiest cake.

Serving the cake: whether you finish your bake in this round of the bakery wheel or the next, make sure the cake keeps rising. When you get to the point where you could put the cherry on top, make sure to hold on to your hard work of before, clean workmanship and a very positive stretch should be the result of diligent kneading. Many birds, dogs and other animals will try to pull you back into the main stream of batter, do not lose form by blaming or fighting them, it is a great part of this grand string spinning creation station. Do not start serving your cake until it is fully finished and you can share a piece of your pie without crumbling down.


Cake shops and legacy recipes

Those selling great recipes and superb cakes can be seen as religions and their saints, Olympians and their constants, holy wood and its witch doctors and so on. Between legacy and relics, some of the cake is stale, some of it behind a thick glass museum wall. Where the luxury of prayer, focus exercises that allow great calm happiness leading to joy to be central, became a taxing principle. Where acceptance and strengthening became a direction and a physical motion or a communally based exotic charm with special dresses or pants. Where good connections became a popular gathering with handshakes and unrooted joy, where our home and all-maker, the logic and light, became a city or a magical knight, forked devotion and pilgrimage included. Where the holy spirit became a fairly odd fairytale and stages of forming turned into a hivemind prison. Where examples of sharing food became a last meal and a dry cookie, or bread thrown on the streets and cabbage at law breakers. Where pass-over instructions became festivals, overcoming all external drive became the flesh carnival and fasting a cultural tradition of eating at night. The love isn’t gone. Where respect for all became tax laws and rules about slaughtering and storing other life forms, the holy cake became a supermarket.

Yet nothing is forlorn, the ingredients are all there, the recipes of old make great gingerbread and shaping is always up to ourselves in any timeframe. Read the recipes, learn to bake and most especially, share your cake

Though these words might sound fun, they are here to aid the development of understanding and it’s ongoing improvement. The only way mankind reaches peace on Earth is by furthering their understanding. Currently both ‘the state’ and our cultural frames, as well as religious captivation are a good frame of knowledge. This whilst also constraining the actual progression of understanding. This text is here to help you on your way, so all children of God -which makes everyone- may walk in the light, by understanding themselves a little more.


Don’t worry, be compassionate

Let me first say that the love with which our world was built is alive in all people, in all countries, and we need to keep our love strong and not massively succumb to fear-stimulated instincts. 

This can be harsh in our societies where feudal cages, secrets, competition and war have played a major protective role, yet the formative structure is layed out very well in many countries, which should help a lot. Support and love is blooming on all sides and I hope you may experience this in the countries you visit too. Projections are clear, this ‘new flu’ will cost us all dearly, yet we will survive. From here on, this will be a battle against selfishness.

The pressure on mankind now is a sad yet also much needed moment. We need all of this world’s member-states to get through this for the better, furthering the build of our shared world, where all people can live safe, happy and healthy.

Where millions of people were protesting against their politicians all around the world, where religions’ followers were at each other’s necks, and where overproduction -pushed blindly by a walled street of greed, lust, sloth, vanity and a few more deteriorating factors of our, in the base, compassionate and noble species- is destroying our given and endless providence, putting workers and students on the streets, whilst destroying water supply in many countries, we almost forgot that this world is made with logic, binding light with love, in everything.

On top of this many people now fear a lack of systematic control as well as uncontrollable systems at the same time, all of this whilst we proceed to lose our belief in the soul, where between Buddha, Christ and a lot of conceptual frames, no understanding seems to have properly landed. Though the logic in itself is perfect, the pure smile of the child shall always be.

Economic development, a furthering of our still very simplistic energy management -Empirical regulation of Providence- that superseded it’s brutal predecessor, war, has alike all, two sides. Just like a house that can keep us safe from wind and rain, it can also keep us locked up. Our current time gives us a chance for change, for the better. A moment of change that we all together need to hold dear if we want mankind to not be obliterated by its own blindness. 

No family, country or corporation in this world is safe from the new style pyramid, where the lowest class in a free floating caste system does not get whipped, it just doesn’t get the carrot that the smarter, the new strong, can get. Endless smart systems that hold no wisdom nor love are besieging us, before and alongside the current pandemic and economic turmoil that follows, pushing our noble societies into fear. Time has come to use our great technological advancements for the betterment of our world, instead of for ourselves.

Current ideas about oncoming recession, and the fear this brings, can be a great hurdle on our way to peace. In a world bound by many contracts, secured by armies and minds that do not see their own programming, blinding fear is a great danger. The first step here is to free the minds of the people. Which always starts with our own minds. May we never give up hope, and keep moving forward diligently, for the light always comes out on top.

The question for many is ‘how do we get through this’, or ‘how do I get through this’ for in the end we all have individual minds and are living individual lives, though very much drenched in some form of group thought, and many think about themselves mostly. The answer is strengthening our understanding, understanding of the living world around us, from within.

Where Gautama lifted up the age old concept of Buddha’s, say Angels, very few go ‘bodhisattva’ nowadays, meaning Saintly, and lost in words we have become. Where Christ’s example of give and live became a dry cookie and a last meal, and Muhammad could not turn the tide of the golden calf with love, much of this world has lost its sight of the actual build. Yet Another Jerusalem Temple or a glorious spreading of ashrams, meditation centres and holy books would still not easily teach us how our world actually works, for all of us are staring at the formative world only, outside of us, instead of what makes us, from within. This keeps going, whilst many lost children keep stacking up.

Yet again we are already lost in words, powerful tools that we use with an unclean parser mostly. Here we need to see through the current earthly views of our predicament, through all the grand works of the past, see through the old (ayur) veda’s, Bhagavad Gita, the Pali Canon, the Upanishads, the Torah, the two Bibles, the Qur’an and a few more beautiful works, to see that they all explain the same logical baseline, to let go of them and become children of the logic in actions instead of thought and prayer. Actions with divine direction and focus, which requires thought and prayer, meditation, which, how little it may be, is found in everything we do. And that in this time of external pressure.

Currently many of our actions are led astray by fear. Disease is a factor, of economical change and outcome, and not the core of our current problem. Physical reward is a byproduct of good actions and so is the ability to see and share. Where businesses know this well, many people have lost sight of the good in their world. Of course it is nevertheless horrid to see a pestilence alike scenario hurt all our societies. Or how a crisis had already left Venezuelan supermarkets empty years ago and why over a million people were protesting in Romania. There is much more to be solved at the moment then we are aware of. To learn to see, is very different from what many people do nowadays, following news and fear rather than looking at the world around them. To keep it simple: our resource problem is called greed. The solution lies not in panicking, it lies in our ability to share. Now is the time to repent and atone for many years of blind destruction of our environment, the poisoning of our children’s minds with vanity and pride and to reconcile with our own God given sanity. And this starts, as everything should, with ourselves, not others.

A global response in a world without theft, lies and weapons is not a dream, it is our future. However far away, heaven does not change and it is up to us down here to make the move forward. Next to that, loving communities with good vibrations are able to withstand much more and possibly even replace the fear of death with love for life. In the turmoil of fear and chaos we might lose sight of the larger picture and forget to share our resources, leading to more problems. In an already divided world where many nations have a history of local feudal states and lords clashing to form sustainable rule, where now, in spite of all the efforts of our greatest sages, we have a world that holds most people in a blinding pyramid seeding caste system that became Royal instead of Nobel, the solution of our shared problem lies in solidarity.

To fight for our own countries does not free the people and neither does  a Napoleonic type war. This will just do damage to the environment we now so need to cherish. Thus we, the people and the system of countries under the United Nations move forward; trade relations become viewed anew and these dark times will end, if we can all bear each other’s burdens. 

Yet this starts with each and every individual learning to see beyond their eyes and away from the corrupted mind. May we, being all the people, realize that praying and meditation is an exercise to get in tune with the flow of our universe, to calm the mind and to strengthen our true vision, so we will be able to excel without corruption and make positive connections that lead our engagements, in a flow that we barely see in our current blinded form. That respect for the family and elders, for the passed over loved ones and eventually, for all living beings, is essential on our road towards great merit, the people around us become our first angels on our way to becoming part of one big family; no matter what happened, there is endless room in the house of God.

We can all see that a great future needs many good deeds of many persons in many lives. The Meta Trinity could give some guidance; (1. Providence) food, housing and education for all lead to (2. Humanity) a united mankind, that are all equal and thus free to explore the next part well known as Holy Trinity, where (3. Divinity) all are children of the same code, seeking their core programming or holy spirit to become bright as intended, so they may master their world, inside themselves. This needs however to be fazed through the systems that we have, for this world is a threaded flow that has two sides. Thus this agenda has to find its way through the United Nations and eventually all the people’ their minds. Billions will be born, none should be lost. To learn to see, needs one to look, and the distractions are many. To know that one has a higher self, made from understanding, viewing and connecting, positively threaded in a form that then acts, feels and then thinks it is, needs one to work on their knowledge, and few study these matters nowadays. Many copy the past or study only for the lower part. 

This Meta Trinity is a guideline and it needs stepping stones. By itself it does not show where feelings and understanding meet. To manage these parts of ourselves takes effort, a lot of focus exercises in the right direction. This can be done in school, work and family life yet meditation, focussing the pondering, scores best. Also the Divine Trinity needs, like all parts of this stairway, steps. First one becomes owner of their processor, all in and outgoing information is always handled by ourselves. Second one rules their own system, memories as well as the body, thirdly one clears up the external interface, seeing family, friends and borders anew, learning how this impacts the previous two steps and last yet not least, working on the fourth step allows one to see the endless flow of life and can add positive actions, building actual merit. 

All of these steps can be taken in any other, yet ascending the stairs needs all steps to be taken. This short view of a Noble Pathway, still needs us to put in effort for all the steps themselves and  then make the first two parts of the Meta Trinity a reality, for not everyone is born a prince or princess with most of these Trinities in their range, yet we are on our way there. Time has come to make our world at peace, to become noble men and women everywhere and together, skyrocket through the age of aquarius.

Mankind thus has the great task of learning to see beyond its eyes, right now in these times especially, to realize that our lives are made from positive vibes, where we see merely the projection thereof. Just like attraction and love are common things yet hard to measure or see. Far below the line of understanding, views and connecting we dwell in actions and feelings, often unaware of what triggers them, blindly swimming in the flow that gives us bodies and time, unaware of attention and secretions, lost in words and science, forgoing what makes feelings, balance and the endlessness of our spirit that is made from light by logic. To reach that stage where mankind can see themselves leave their body, where they give it their all, in the precious time we have, life after life, is the true struggle. Revolution of understanding is what we need, and step by step we are on our way. Our strength lies in the spirit.

May you, all your loved ones and all of the beings around, find happiness within, in any time, yet foremost now is the time to stay calm and put out the fire, together.