Tiratisu and there shall be no evil

Enter the 1-2-3 tiratisu smallest stairway up, win the race for the hour of power with this able appless method for pulling oneself up out of the clay and get an almost magically brighter sight as if you’d have vaporwave filter glasses.

1. Be Calm. 2. Love All. 3. Give, Live.

Sounds simple? Calm is essential, park your car. Love all for all is growing like trees. Keep prana up!

Some rhythm would be nice. God gives the beat. Live with the sunlight. Take 3 minutes of focus each morning. When successful in not losing focus for 3 minutes 3 days in a row, add 3 minutes and repeat this until the hour of power is reached. Use this calm. See the world. There is no evil. There are adventurers and lost children. Let’s move on to the next level.

Say no evil for one week or go back to step 1. When good on that, hear no evil for a week, in nothing and no one.  It’s just visions. Don’t ignore! Learn to hear freely. Speak cleanly. When rolling well on this track, with a clean mouth and open ears, see the world has no evil. Love it all. When you love it all you are ready to live. Welcome out of the clay. You have tiratisued and see the light. In each action you will find giving, see and live, give and grow!

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Three minutes of focus each morning. It does not mean to sit and do nothing, it means to be still and hold your attention above everything else. Don’t lay down for you might fall asleep and to stay aware and awake yet undistracted is a hard thing. We use the breath, allow it go naturally, breathe with the belly, and just pay attention to what you feel of the breath near your nose. Simple. Three minutes of hard core focus.

Look up what you don’t understand!

There are of course endless other options:
Sit down and count to 100
Go to any institution that prays
Go to any gym and pray
Take any job and pray
Pray with your family
Pray like an eagle
upon that smile

Do not be mistaken, this is not about enlightenment. This is about understanding the programming of life, which might get you closer to being the big dreamer, God, the father of all, who has made this world out of light. Therefor you are made out of light and we have many people misunderstanding the lessons of Jesus, Muhammad, Gautama and many more sages before, all looking for that light somewhere far away of somehow thinking it is mystical, spiritual. It is, what you are, where you are and how you use it. May you find the programming inside of yourself, by hard work upon your own code, by carrying that weight, and ascending above the current function level of your being, a pass over onto heaven, starting with the malkut.

How does that work for all people who have to fight for their existence? For that we have the Triple Trinity, also known as Meta Trinity.

You can always give alms to many things yet we need leaders with grace, with awe for life so perhaps dedicate yourself to making all your employees or colleagues feel like family.