The Meta Trinity

providence, humanity, infinity

Three times Three…
brings peace and prosperity!

The Meta Trinity, or Triple Trinity:

Providence: Food, Housing, Education
Humanity: Unity, Equality, Freedom
Infinity: Form, Program, Full Function

The Meta Trinity is named like this because it holds three trinities! It is a guideline for the whole of humankind, bringing the human species to the next level of development.

One could say: heavenly guidelines to help eradicate suffering!

A wholesome handle to hold on to again. Enter the Meta Trinity, a baseline solution for a world in blindness, in one neat triangle. With basic needs covered and less and less fighting, even economically, People can all go to heaven.

Meta Trinity

1. Providence

food, shelter and education for all. Something that the cub has, in a loving family we have these elements, which allows us to see the whole world with an open eye instead of having to fight for any of these items, like animals must.

2. Humanity

unity, equality and freedom for all. The big revolutionists dream, which can only become when all humans have providence. Not fighting their brothers and sisters for food or housing and learning how to manage their energy, all will be united as one family, able to see that they are all equal, which will set many a very busy person free. Actually, with providence mankind can finally find freedom.

3. Infinity

Whilst often fighting for freedom, this is not necessary at all. Man has great form, lives in a vision built by their programming, say the holy spirit, and can master this programming to become the player number one in their world, just like the maker. In that case they also reach Infinity.

that’s all folks! Providence, Humanity, Infinity.

For those who would like think more about this, thinking is always possible. The mind, the animal mind, will always have something to ponder about. The advise is to focus your pondering, to measure or control your contemplation,

and use that to understand. The whole world is made from logic and light. the logic binds the light in clusters centered around positivity. The main frame that can see the world is the logic, which every being uses to connect to the world around them.

Focus on this logic. Park your vehicle and seek to find what the stationary motion brings.
The vehicle being you. See what is actually important and see love in all, Triple Trinity FTW!

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