The Table

a brand new Holy Day. The First Table.

About Tables.

a table is an important thing. So we don’t have to eat from our bellies, we have made special and specific objects at which we can all take place and share a meal.

To just offer your table, ain’t enough. You need to put in some effort, though this effort can be shared.. We could call it The First Dinner, if you want to.

The First Table

On the very first day of the year we gather. To share our food, to join at the table. To have our first dinner. An international Holy Day, commemorating the sages and saints of the past who all tried to explain not only the pathway to the heavens, they also set out to unite mankind as one family.

Finally a real active Table of Jesus, sharing of Muhammad, Temple of Krishna; in your very own home.

For you are setting out to create holy ground, rules will apply! 
- There shall be no slaughtering for your feast! 
well, that seems to be about it..

You may sing and dance Hare Hare Krishna, hare hare Ahntone and offer your prayers to the logic that creates all, that gives and gives, like you are giving too. There is no need for images, altars, candles, psalms and so on. Though who is holding you back from stacking trinkets anyway? Perhaps the useless application of labor in a world misguided and abused would, perhaps the misunderstanding of the teachings would, yet hey, it is up to you to "get it" and "get there". Lets start with a dinner and talk about it.

The happiness of the family is of importance. That family is whatever the organizer makes it to be.

Sweet little extra: you could keep on going with a table for a week! Or iterate with your friends, maybe keep it going for a year!

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