Youtube Channel.

this all needs work, the videos are audio files, badly curated, or basically not at all and after years of talking to the wall, it was time to just do it. something needed to be done. something something let it not be filled with suffering.

so, whoop there it is.

soon, in relative time frame soon, say a South African “just now”, here shall be workgroups! five workgroups aligning the political and economical agenda of Earth for around ten thousand years.

trying to embroider this with the past. Perhaps I should not, yet every time someone makes the hand of god move, a new book is created and the old and new readers start fighting each other. Where from the lovely gesture of Christ came colonies all around the Roman empire, paired with the British-Viking horde it made more colonies and the Jewish people had to endure aplenty, comes the latest edition of treat each other excellent, and again holy war. Unholy gruesomeness, where high kings are allowing the sheep in their flocks to be slaughtered over and over again. This has nothing to do with the God who made you all, Nor the God who loves you all.

There is no difference between the following of the Qur’an, the Bible, the Torah, the Pali Canon, the Bhagavad Gita except every time blindness and greed envelops the endless message; may peace be you. may love be you.

what we have here is not just failure of communication, it is darkness binding people in anger, in resentment, in stupidity. The future will look back in disgrace, towards the hands of man binding each other, because they thought to do right in the name of God.

perhaps, when you seriously think about it, it will come to you. This is not what God intended. Treat others as you would like to be treated. There is already one world with many high souls out there, if you are not one of them: most definitely do not fight in the name of god. Perhaps many sheep are misguided, perhaps some guide dogs have become wolves, surely the shepherds have taken a step away from our darkened world, yet do not despair.

this world goes on forever and ever.
judgement at the end of time
comes already when you die
the end of time as prophesied
comes when all have become angels
that is called the time of truth
when all children are born
in a way where we know
that the divine lies in all

one day you will see
may all beings be happy.

so please, pretty please, let us not fight.
let us use the same base rules everywhere
let us use the UN for a mandate
let us change political systems for the better
let us bring basic income to the whole world
for we have enough. we can make enough.
and we shall make forevermore.